The Miracles

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The Miracles were credited as, “Smokey Robinson & The Miracles” between 1965-1972. When “Smokey” left the group in 1972 and was replaced by Billy Griffin, the name was changed back to The Miracles.

When billed as Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, please enter [a86094] separately as a featured member of The Miracles.

William “Smokey” Robinson (1955–1972)
Ronald “Ronnie” White (1955–1983; 1993–1995)
Warren “Pete” Moore (1955–1978)
Clarence Dawson (1955)
James Grice (1955)
Emerson Rogers (1956)
Robert “Bobby” Rogers (1956–1983; 1993–2013)
Claudette Rogers (Robinson) (1956–1964)
Billy Griffin (1972–1978; late 1990s)
Dave Finley (1978–1983; 1993–present)
Sidney Justin (1993–c.2000)
Tee Turner (1996–present)
Mark Scott (2005–2008)
Alphonse Franklin (2008-present)

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